Sunday, December 18, 2005

Snowy Morning Musings

Wow! It's been so long since I've posted, I've almost forgotten how!!! But this morning I have a few stolen moments because our church services were cancelled this morning due to treacherous roads (snow!!!). So I'm taking the opportunity to write a little and read a little, and then it's back to Christmas things!!!
All of our kids and grandkids were gone to their spouses families for Thanksgiving, so Emerson and I decided to take a cruise! We chose this particular cruise because Jeff Walling (a well known Church of Christ speaker--one of our very favorites) was going to be speaking aboard the ship several times. He was great!! He enlightened a couple of scriptures in such a way that I will never forget!!

We also got to explore some Mayan ruins at one of the ports of call. In fact the ONLY port of call we made. The other port of call was cancelled because the water was so rough they wouldn't let us into port because they didn't think it could be safely navigated! So we spent a rough day at sea. Not fun.

One night when the sea was rough, Emerson and I were standing aft looking out into the darkness. The only light was what was being cast by the ship. And it didn't illuminate far. The wind was blowing. You could see the whitecaps. The sky was DARK. Even the ship, as big as it is, was convulsing. And I thought about the passage in John 6:16ff, where the disciples are out on the boat and a gale swept down on them, and the sea grew very rough. (Mark's account says they were rowing hard and struggling against the waves). As I stood on the ship watching out over the rough sea, I thought about being out there on a tiny fisherman's boat. I know I would have been TERRIFIED!! And then to see someone WALKING toward them ON THE WATER--out of that inky black darkness, with the wind and the waves crashing around them. SHEEEESH! I certainly have a greater appreciation for their terror. And for Christ's ability to calm the wind and the waves with just a word. Mmmmm. I've always loved the quote that says "Sometimes He calms the storm, sometimes He calms the child". Now it means even more.
A friend of mine and I played at the Christmas meeting of our garden club. Ann plays the harp and I play the cello. We played six Christmas carols. It was great fun! We had a lot of fun practicing (I hadn't played in years) and it really got me into the Christmas spirit. The lady who was hosting the event, has an old pump organ with quite a history, and so the audience demanded that she play the organ with the two of us. So we played one impromtu carol. It was really neat. A nice combination.
I have a 10 year old grandson, Aaron. He and his 5 year old brother, Daniel, stayed with us last night while their parents went to a company Christmas party. When they came in, I was cooking supper--a pork stew.
Aaron: Grandma, are you cooking eggs?
Me: No, I'm cooking stew.
Aaron: Are you sure? It smells like eggs (he loves eggs).
Me: Nope, just stew.
Aaron: Sure SMELLS like EGGS!
(Aaron goes over to my Christmas village (I have about 25 pieces). He's always loved to look at it and move the people and cars around on the streets. So I'm not paying much attention. He looks for quite a long time.)
Aaron: Grandma, I checked and no one in the village is cooking eggs either!
Me: Haahhaaheeeeehaaa hheeee haaaaa aahhh ahhhhhaaaa eheeheeee!!!
We have a Christmas train, which has always been a fascination for the boys. But last night it was Daniel who was particularly enthralled with it. He called me downstairs several times to look at what he was doing--but the one I thought was the best was when he showed me how a tiny lego spiderman was now clinging to the side of the locomotive as it went around the track!

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