Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Peanut Butter or a Stone

I've had my two sweet grand babies this week. They make me smile soooo much!! For example:

Ellie (the 3-year old): Nanny, Nanny, Nanny!
(I'm really "Nana", but in her little sweetness way, when she is excited, it becomes "Nanny!"

Me: What Ellie?

Ellie: (with her hands around her eyes like binoculars--her cute little peculiar way of asking for something) I need sumpin to EAT!

Me: You DO? What do you want?

Ellie: Keenut Butter!

Me: Oh, really? On crackers?

Ellie: Noooo, just Keenut Butter.

Me: You mean on a spoon?

Ellie: Yes. Keenut Butter on a spoon!

Now how is a Nana supposed to resist such sweetness as that??

But it made me think about the scripture that says, "Would a father give his son a stone when he asks for a loaf of bread?" How much more will your Heavenly Father give what is good to those who ask Him?

Me: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!! ....

If only we would remember to ask for "Keenut Butter" when we're "hungry"...

Ezekiel's Window

This piece of art is my (broad) interpretation of Ezekiel chapter 1. The text talks about Ezekiels vision of 4 winged creatures that rode in wheeled objects. The wheeled objects had eyes all around the rims. It says that!! I promise!! Check it out for yourself!

At any rate this is what I imagined it might have looked like had Ezekiel seen this through a window. My interpretation is a much tamer vision than the actual vision. Had I seen the same thing Ezekiel saw, I wouldn't have been able to describe it in such detail--'cause I would have fainted dead away in awe!!

Road Revival

Artist Statement: Bring me your rusted, your throw aways, your "what the heck is this thing," your "oh this is trash now," your "I have to dump this stuff," your broken, your older than dirt and I will make it into a piece of art that you will be amazed with. I will work my magic on your junk and turn it into art that you could never find anywhere else. And isn't this just what our Heavenly Father does for us...He takes us where He finds us--cast off, worn out, dirty, and broken, and He cleans us up and molds and shapes us into something beautiful and useful. He takes the ordinary and turns us into the extraordinary. He brings new life to us. So as a reflection of His love for us, I bring to you my "Road Revival Art".

The first set of pictures added here are of a piece called Elijah and the Raven. The raven is made out of tire tread and the insides of the wraps for hot coffee cups. Elijah is made from an old piece of rope, a twisted piece of metal, and "something" with a grid on it for his face. I stamped an image of a man's face on this "something", but it doesn't show well in the picture. The raven is bringing "food" to Elijah--these are "beads" that I made out of scraps of paper. The word definitions in the bottom left corner are adhered to skeleton leaves--which also don't show well in the photo. Hopefully, you get idea, even though the photo does not do the piece justice.

I seem to be having difficulty uploading pictures right now so will try more later.