Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Real Dad

My daughter, Jayme, has had 2 "dads" who let her down--abandoned her, abused her. When Emerson and I got married she was 15 and was done calling anyone "Dad". She and Emerson have faced off on many occasions over various things, but he really is the only dad who is truly a "Dad" to her--who cares about her like a dad should.

Jayme and Neal have been going through many trials as of late. Last night, Emerson called Jayme just to encourage her. I happened to be sitting next to him, listening to his end of the conversation. He expressed his concern and his love for them--especially for her. He offered some good advice. And then,unsure of what to say and wanting to say the right things to her, he sort of stuttered and stammered a bit--but the emotion, the love, the care was obvious in his voice.

I talked to Jayme briefly after he ended his conversation with her. "Mom", she said, "Emerson was the SWEETEST ever!! He was trying to be a good Dad & he did it!!" The emotion and pleasure in her voice was as obvious as the love had been in his. That was a HUGE statement for her to make to me. I am very proud of Emerson, and I love him even more today than I did yesterday!!

Funny, it happens that way every day!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Blog Olympics

As a competitor in the Blog Olympics, it is my sworn duty to honor the two overall winners. Kudos to both Running2Ks & Uisce .

But I think the TRUE honors should go to Barbara as the brains behind the Olympics and Lazy Daisy for her AMAZING coverage.

It was a fun week! Lots of laughter tears!!

Thanks ladies!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh, to grace how great a debtor!

Do I see you, Lord, there in the faces of my family?
Do I hear you, Lord, as we lift our voices to you?
Do I really see your pain as you hang there on the cross?
Do I know who put those nails there?
Did I hear you say "Forgive them"?
Did you really mean it?
I'm not worthy of it.
You call it "grace".

Do you see me, Lord, as I kneel before your throne?
Do you hear me, Lord, as I praise your Holy name?
Did you feel me touch the hem of your garment, Lord?
Did you hear me whisper, "Thank you".
You are worthy.
You are worthy.
You are worthy!
Thank you for your grace!