Friday, February 17, 2006

For the Lofve of a Child

Emerson and I went to see "Firewall" last night. About half way through the movie we had the following conversation:

Me: (Whispering in E's ear) I don't need to go to the Y tomorrow.
E: Huh?
Me: I don't need to go to the Y tomorrow.
E: Why not?
Me: My heart rate has been up for the last hour!!

Talk about a thriller. Whooo. Good movie.

I'll try not to tell you to much, but have to share a little bit.

Harrison Ford plays the good guy (of course!) and his wife and family have been taken hostage by this really evil guy. Harrison battles this guy continually in order to protect his children. In one particular poignant scene, it occurred to me that Harrison (I'm so bad with stage names) had a lot more to fight for. He was fighting for his children. The other guy was simply fighting for money. The love for one's children gives far more strength than the love of money.

And then I thought, that's how it is with God and Satan. God is fighting for His children, Satan is just fighting for power and wealth. No wonder God is victorious!! From before the creation, He knew there would be a battle for His children--and He put in place a plan that could not be defeated. He loved us so very much that He gave up His only Son that we might be saved.

For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:26

Monday, February 13, 2006

A Child's Perspective

Our son was praying with his 6 year old daughter. They prayed that everybody would be well, and that everybody would be saved so that no one would go to hell. After they finished praying the following conversation took place:

Kate: What's hell?
Daddy: Well, right now Jesus is up in heaven with God. But one day, He will come back to earth. All the people asleep in graves in the ground, and everybody alive and walking around on earth will see Him. And God will tell Jesus which people will get to go to heaven with Him and all the rest will go to a very bad place called hell.
Kate: WOW! Will it be badder than jail? My teacher went to jail once.

Oh, my. The things we learn in conversations with children!

And speaking of Jesus coming back. I sometimes teach our ladies Bible class on Wednesday evenings. We have been studying angels. Last Wednesday we were talking about how one single angel appeared to the shepherds, and how afraid they were. And then after the angel delivered his proclamation, the heavens opened and were filled with the heavenly host singing and praising God. WOW! Don't you know those shepherds were in awe then!

And how amazing it will be when Jesus comes again, with the sounding of the trumpet and the heavenly host coming with him. WOW!

"Will I stand in His presence, or to my knees will I fall,
Will I sing Hallelujah or will I be able to speak at all....."

Come, Lord Jesus!