Thursday, February 21, 2008

Which "sun" do you hold?

Just a note about the picture at the top of my "new" blog. This past summer, E and I spent 3 weeks on a mission trip to Africa. Not all of me came back. I left part of my heart there. The country is beautiful. When we were there in late June early July, it was their winter. I would love to see their spring--I know it would be incredible.

We were in Zimbabwe at Nhowe mission. It is a mission our church supports. It has a hospital/medical facility and a school. The school also provides "home" to many orphans. Through our church, over 1700 orphans have been given food, clothing, and an opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The political situation and the resulting economic situation in Zimbabwe are grim to say the least. Even the school was running out of food in November. At this point, I'm not sure how the school is faring. I heard recently that over 1/4 of the population of the country has vacated. I weep when I think about the orphans who have no where to go...and no one to take them.

Back to the picture. We hiked up a large hill before sunrise one morning. The sunrise was incredible. A doctor friend of mine took this picture of me "holding" the rising sun in my hands. It is one of my favorites. The sun that rises and sets over Zimbabwe is the same sun that rises and sets here. It keeps me close. But, even more, when we hold the Son, we are so close than nothing can ever separate us.

God's richest blessings to all of you.

For I am convinced that my Savior loves me. -me

Horizon card collection

As promised, here are the pictures of the cards I created after watching the wonder of God's new day. The first is the original which shows the sunrise as I watched it. The rest are from other pictures in my mind of the view out my kitchen window. I created these with inks (direct to paper) and then stamped the tree images over the ink. This is a new process to me and I find it fascinating and wonderful to use. I am pleased with the results. And with such wonderful inspiration from what God has created...well, it just comes together well.

Surely you've heard about the little boy riding in a car with his dad, admiring the sunset:

Dad: Son, isn't that a beautiful sunset?

Son: Uh-huh, it is.


Son: And to think God did that left-handed!

Dad: What?

Son: God painted that left-handed.

(Dad considers this for awhile)

Dad: Why do you say He painted it left-handed?

Son: Well, the Bible tells us that Jesus is sitting on His right hand!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Re-entering Blogdom

Almost two years. I'd even forgotten my password.
And still I have dial-up. *SIGH*
These past two years have been busy. Much has happened. Too much to catch up on all at once. But maybe gradually over a few posts I can give you some highlights.

But mostly I've just continued on. And as I re-enter this blogdom world, I must be careful not to let it take over. When you have dial-up, it can take up a LOT of time. So if any of you still happen to check to see if I'm here--and should you happen to comment--please know that I am delighted you have stopped by!! But know, also, that I may not reciprocate often--just because I am trying to limit my computer time.

One big thing that has happened for me in the last couple of years is an explosion of art in my soul. It screams to get out!! Last night it woke me at 3 a.m.--with the second in a series of mixed media art pictures (and the first is not yet complete!). I'll be posting some pictures of what I've been creating. They are a part of me. They are a gift from God. I hope they will bring some small bit of something to any who happen to view them here.

For those who have read my blog before...I think you will find my art reflects that same themes that my blog has always had--just now in a more visual form.

For instance....
Monday morning I stood at the kitchen window watching the sunrise. It was awesome. I stood there, drinking it in--like an excellent cup of coffee. But like the doesn't last long. It changes...and fades...and turns into day. And then....I couldn't wait to get downstairs to put what I had witnessed onto paper. The result is a collection of 4 cards. I'll post the pictures later today.

For now, I'm off to the gym with my DH to play raquet-ball. If these ole' knees will let me....!

If you happen to find yourself visiting here as an old friend--thanks for coming back. If you're here as a new friend. Welcome.

As for me....

For I am convinced that my Savior loves me. -me