Saturday, February 25, 2006

Communication & the Avacado Seed

I went to visit my sister today. We don't get to see each other very often, so it was a special treat. She took me to eat at Le Madeline for lunch--yummmmmmmm! I had a wonderful fresh spinach salad with salmon, bacon, pecans, and strawberries and then Creme brulee for dessert.

But even better than the food was the time spent with my sister. Of course we talked about our children. She was telling me about her 2 sons--both in college. A couple of her tales are worth repeating here.

Shirley had called her oldest son, Anthony, last weekend and talked to him at length. They discussed how classes were going, what he had been doing, the fact that he had called the dentist on his own, made an appointment and then went (quite an accomplishment for him). I'm sure they discussed finances and the weather. And who knows what else. Then they said their goodbye's.

Then she called her youngest son, Alden. She asked him what he was doing. I'm at Anthony's doing my laundry!! Had Anthony mentioned that Alden was there?? Nooooo! Shirley said this was an example of how well they all communicate!!!

I think this is about how well we communicate with and about God, too. We see our friends. We talk about a lot of things. Our jobs, our kids, our triumphs and defeats, our finances, the weather. But do we mention that God is at our house??? Or that He lives within us??? I know I'm not very good at communicating that. I do the best at it here in this blog. But I need to be better at communicating that in my day to day life!! God help me!

Now for the second tale. Sometime before Alden left for the fall semester, he took an avacado seed, stuck toothpicks in it and put it in a cup, and lovingly watered and cared for it. Then he left for college. Shirley became the caretaker of said avacado seed. She said she watered and cared for it fairly well, and it grew a root about an inch long. And then her life became hectic (she is a middle school orchestra teacher--need I say more?). She neglected the poor avacado seed. Alden asks about it when he calls. Further neglect results in the poor thing withering. In desperation, she takes it out into the backyard, plants it under a pine tree, and then totally forgets it.

Today, she is perusing the backyard and--WHAT IS THAT?????? A six inch stem has sprouted from the seed. She had been certain that it was hopeless.

How many times have we considered things to be hopeless. And how many times has God brought about a ressurrection. He brings new life to things that we consider dead. He breathes His breath upon them, and warmth and light and life return. I can see that so many times in my own life. Remembering those times are a great comfort to me. A source of confidence when life becomes troubled. Proof that He is Faithful. God is good. And He is able.

May God continue to grant you His richest blessings, and may you have all kinds of peace in believing.

Monday, February 20, 2006

In the world, but not of the world

Assemble the following simple items:

2 cups of water
black pepper
liquid soap

Sprinkle the pepper into both cups of water so that it covers the surface of the water.

Stick your finger into the first cup of water and pull it back out. What happened?

Now put just a drop of liquid soap into the second cup of water. Then put your finger into that cup and pull it back out. What happened this time?

After doing this, check the comments section of this post for the application of this little activity.