Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh, to grace how great a debtor!

Do I see you, Lord, there in the faces of my family?
Do I hear you, Lord, as we lift our voices to you?
Do I really see your pain as you hang there on the cross?
Do I know who put those nails there?
Did I hear you say "Forgive them"?
Did you really mean it?
I'm not worthy of it.
You call it "grace".

Do you see me, Lord, as I kneel before your throne?
Do you hear me, Lord, as I praise your Holy name?
Did you feel me touch the hem of your garment, Lord?
Did you hear me whisper, "Thank you".
You are worthy.
You are worthy.
You are worthy!
Thank you for your grace!


Anonymous said...

God is truly worthy of our praise.

Corry said...

Yes, His grace is sufficient and worth praising!

Thank you dear sister for being there and for your prayers. May God bless you and yours.

God's Grace.

curious servant said...


Thank you for your visit and kind words in your comment on my last post.

That blog is growing so fast! Between ethe end of last June and Christmas eve it had 10,000 visitors.

Since Christmas it has gotten over 5,500 more!

I am honored that people who love the Lord such as yourself care to read my words and, most especially, to pray.

It has been a long stange journey.

I will visit you more frequently to see what is going on in your life and read your words of encouragement.

I wish to add that I especially like the reference to Job's friends in your comment. I think it is a fascinating book.

Drop by again sometime. I post at least every Sunday and sporadically in between.

God bless, brother.

Jayleigh said...

AMEN my sister!