Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ways to Say I Love You

No, I'm not going to tell you--I want you to tell me!!

What's the most romantic thing your spouse every did for you--or you did for your spouse to show them how much you love them? Please keep it clean--this is a "G" rated Blog!

I'm also hoping for inexpensive. We're going to gone over Valentine's Day, but we're taking our 5th wheel, so I hope to be able to surprise him.

I love to hear your ideas!!


Carol said...

Hi Joyce,
I hope you were serious about wanting to join the band because I've been looking for a cellist. We meet on Friendly Fridays to go visiting the friendless blogs. See you there.

My Husband, who is a songwriter, wrote me a beautiful song for me when we were dating.

PresentStorm said...

hmmmm I am trying to think inexpensive and practical for on the road...

I am all in awe of my hubby right now because my birthday is friday and he is building me a HUGE scrapbooking area in the office.To me that is romantic

You could write him a love letter and maybe prepare a picnic at a park along the way to where you are going and give it to him during it.Just a thought..Hubby and I love being outdoors together...Taking long walks and such.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!!

Anonymous said...

he wasn't my husband yet during that time but i invited him out for dinner at a fine dining restaurant. after the meal was served, i asked the waiter to serve that thing i asked him to serve last. a long stemmed red rose in full bloom served in a silver platter. jec was teary eyed when the waiter opened the lid in front of him, it was the first time somebody gave him a flower. and he couldn't forget me for that. hehe... =)

Patti said...

I've been married 20 years. Four years ago I had breast cancer. I wasn't hungry at times. But there was this one particular cake I liked at a local store. My husband never gets things right. But he brought home the exact choclate cake with the special frosting I love. He got it right.
Since the breast cancer he also has been more protective of me. He doesn't want me going out at night unless I have a ride (I don't drive).

Patti said...

I need to leave two posts. When we were dating. My husband who loves music, made me love tapes. Back in the 80's he would pull out his LP's and tape all the love songs that reminded him of me. That reminds me, I need to get them put on CD now.

He also proposed to me, using lyrics from John Lennon's song-Grow Old with Me.