Monday, January 23, 2006

Olympic Blogging

Well, enough of the serious posts for right now, and on to a little humor. I have been drafted into the Olympic Blog competition! Lazy Daisy has chosen ME (can you believe it) for a one on one interview!! I'm SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! (no that key ISN'T stuck)

Since I am of German/German heritage, I have been asked to compete for Germany. So I'll be giving my answers in German. Oh. Wait. I don't speak (or write) German. Ahem....I'll be answering in English since that's what language most people use to communicate.

Ok, so here's her questions and my answers:

Do you have a particular training schedule to get ready for the Blog Olympics?
My training is done late at night in secret while my husband is working under cover (sleeping....shhhhh). If he really knew what I was up to........

What is your blog speciality?
My specialty is women's ice blogging. It's a cold, cold world out there.

Do you have any particular ritual you do before competing? Well, first there is the checking of the status of the under cover worker. Is he asleep either in his chair or in bed?
Then the uncovering of the keyboard (this sometimes takes HOURS).
Oh, and my Lucky Dog, Tidbit, must also be asleep beside me.

Do you have any particular tricks with a high degree of difficulty that you are planning to preform.
For years I've been working on the Double Camel Back 3 Toed Loop! I'm hoping that I alone can successfully complete this difficult jump. It has never before been done in cyber competition. Lazy Daisy, I'd tell you how I do it, but then I'd have to kill you!! So for now, I'll just have to keep that information to myself.

Are you considered a long shot or a sure bet to win, place, or show?
Looking at the Day 1 standings, and the statistics I've seen reported for Day 2 competition, I'm looking at a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong shot to win, place, show, or even be recognized. So this interview really means a lot to me!!!!!!!

For these and more interesting topics please stay tuned to this blog, and Lazy Daisy's blog, and the ORIGINAL OFFICIAL OLYMPIC BLOG, Trying To Catch Up.



Lazy Daisy said...

Great interview....loved your answers..just ran out of time today. I will feature your answers as they were the best. Love your site too!

Joyce said...

Thanks, Lazy Daisy. Guess I'm just a little insecure. With only 8 comments as my claim to tonight's competition, anything to get a little "play" time is great! I love what you're doing with your coverage! As a friend of mine would say, "It's just too cool for color TV."

Jayleigh said...

You are SO funny!

btw did I ever tell you how much I loved the Christmas letter from Tidbit? I don't ever remember laughing so hard when reading a Christmas letter!!!!!

Joyce said...

Glad you like the Christmas letter--it was a lot of fun to write.