Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ten Things

I'm stealing this idea from David at Sugarloaf Mountain. Thanks David!

Ten things about me:

1. I love the sound and the smell of shuffling through leaves.
2. I want to go to Africa to visit a mission hospital site.
3. I love being creative--scrapbooks, quilts, etc.
4. I used to be afraid of the dark--God took that away from me at a really important time in my life.
5. I'm trying to get an interior decorating business off the ground.
6. I love cooking. Hate doing dishes.
7. I have Restless Legs Syndrome. AND ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!
8. I want to make a difference.
9. I want my prayer life to be better.
10. I love watching the glowing embers of a fire.


David said...

Hi joyce - good post - great idea _ I am with you on #6 and #10

one weird thing about me, I wear socks in my sandals ( and my kids freak out )

Michelle Lyn said...

Great posts! Glad to see you've gotten back into the mood of blogging every so often - you need to talk to your daughter and make her start again too... Speaking of her, enjoy scrapbooking this weekend!!! I think my sister-in-law is bringing her things up here and we're going to this weekend also. I love it!

Joyce said...

Yes, David, it IS a great idea. I'm glad you thought of it!! ~:)

Michelle, I am SO looking forward to Saturday!! I'm glad you're getting to scrapbook, too, just wish it was with us! That Jayme, sure she gets me started blogging, and then does she ever blog now--NOOOOOO! ~:)

Jayleigh said...

About RLS, I read this article in the paper and it said to unwrap a bar of soap (anything except Dial) and put it near your legs as you sleep.

Everyone that tried it, couldn't believe it worked. So maybe?

Anyway, I thought of you and Jayme when I read it.


Corry said...

I have mild RLS and it's annoying. Massaging the leg helps though. Maybe worth giving it a try?

Have a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

God's Grace.

David said...

Hwo was your thanksgiving? you could write about it here.... hmm ?