Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Eve!

Posting today from Jayme's house! We are having such fun!! We are cooking, and baking, and singing Christmas carols, and dancing with the babies, and laughing, and playing games, and loving one another. I LOVE being with my family!!

I got up this morning before anyone else, so I ran to Wal-mart to do some last minute Santa shopping. There actually weren't too many people there--maybe because it was raining. I gathered up my few things while exchanging Christmas greetings with fellow shoppers. No one seemed rattled or angry--most were smiling, or whistling, or singing! Maybe it's just Kansas shoppers. I even asked the check out ladies how the customers were behaving. There were two of them, and both said they had not encountered any mean, angry, or nasty customers. Even when the lines were long last night!

Gift giving is my "Love Language" (see the book by Gary Chapman), so I really love this time of year. It is so much fun planning on what to give each person. I really enjoy making things to give to my family that will mean something to them.

For example, I found pictures of my mother (who has been gone for 3 years now) and made my sister a small 8 page memory book that included not only pictures, but different memorabelia. I can't wait for my sister to see it. I hope she likes it.

I made Jayme a plaque (that I already gave her because it was too big to wrap). I cut the board myself, sanded it, and routered the edges. Then I put primer on it, and then gave it two coats of paint on it. I had ordered "Wallwords" that said the following: "Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art." - Eleanor Roosevelt. I've had the quotes for over a year now, so Jayme was really pleased to finally get her plaque!! Now I just need to finish SEVERAL other projects for her!!

I made Emerson a tote to carry firewood in from the breezeway. I already gave that to him, too, because he was carrying the wood in by hand! He was really surprised and even more so when he found out I made it!

Well, just wanted to share a few things from my hap-hap-happiest day(s) of the year!!

Again, God's richest blessings to all of you, and peace in believing!


Corry said...

Wow Joyce, you must be a real "handy-woman" to make all that stuff. What's your phone-number (grin).

God's Grace.

Jayleigh said...

Joyce, I've loved catching up on yor posts. You have such joy in your heart that it makes me smile just reading about the fun you have being with your family and making gifts.

I ADORE picking out and/or making gifts. I made 7 ponchos this year (crochet) and it was so much fun!!!