Sunday, December 18, 2005

Out of our Abundance

I know, I know, I don't post for WEEKS, and then I post 3 times in one day! Sigh. But I just had to share this.

We meet with a small group on Sunday evening. Our group has taken on a couple of kids whose Mom doesn't care about anything except finding her next boyfriend on the internet. The kids have nothing. I guess there are 8 kids. Mom has taken care of none of them. Two are at a group home run by the church. There are still 3 at home. The two youngest have been coming to church and our small group with friends of ours. We know they don't have heat because Mom doesn't pay the gas bill. They don't bathe, because there is no hot water. Mom doesn't bother to wash their clothes. But the kids....the kids are sooooo sweet. Zenobie is an 8 year old, blonde hair, blue eyed, lost her two front teeth beauty. Robert is a shy 11 year old, who has learned to love taking a shower at our friends house, because there is HOT water! Older sister, Sara, is a senior in high school, has basically been raising the 4 younger siblings. She is a good student, but is growing weary of being the child care provider of the family. She's working toward getting a good scholarship so she can get out of the house.

Well, tonight, at our small group we had a little Christmas party for the 8, 11, and 18 year old. Unfortunately, Sara (18) was sick and could not come. Robert and Nobie had no idea what was about to happen. We had our usual songs and Bible study (although somewhat abbreviated) and then the magic. We had all brought gifts for the kids. So, one at a time, presents were given to Nobie and Robert. You should have seen their faces. Especially little Nobie's. The first present was a warm fuzzy pair of socks. She was delighted! Then Robert got a pair of jeans! He was a little more controlled, but you could tell all the same that he was pleased. Then the presents kept coming. More clothes--warm sweaters, long sleeved shirts, jeans, underwear, warm pajamas--It was such fun to watch Nobie. Her smile just got bigger and bigger and bigger--as did her eyes. When she opened the Barbie doll, she squealed! She said she had NEVER owned such a doll before, and hugged it tight to her breast. As we all lined up to get our supper, Nobie went and tried on all the clothes--her eyes were so bright, she was simply RADIANT!! She came and modeled them all for us. She was so HAPPY! Robert was pleased, but after all, he's a boy. An eleven year old boy. But I know he was happy, too. As we were eating, Nobie came and hugged each one of us.

Now THAT's what Christmas is all about.

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Emily said...

That is so sweet...and it is what Christmas is about. I hope it lasts all year for these kids. I hope the mom got something too. From what it sounds like, she is ill in some way. I hope the kids are safe and everyone can help the entire family.

Your church has a heart of gold.