Sunday, June 12, 2005

Real Life Stuff

I was complaining to my very wise daughter, Jayme, that I might stop blogging because no one ever commented on my blog. (What happened to you MH--you were my only faithful commenter!! Did I do something wrong???) She reminded me that blogging is really for yourself. Hmmmm. Maybe so. She made some good points about it being theraputic and so on. She told me just to write about real life--everyday stuff. She said it would be interesting to look back on it in a year and see where I've been. How did she get to be soooo smart?!?!?

Today was just another Sunday. I just really have a hard time getting excited about going to church here, having been basically relegated to being pew warmers. But I guess that would be another blog.

Emerson just keeps on slugging away. Maybe we'll be disfellowshipped and we'll HAVE to go somewhere else. Today, in class, he sidetracked the whole class by starting a discussion on the work of the Holy Spirit. He contends (as do I BTW) that the Spirit is active in our lives. Everyone else in class thinks the Spirit today works only thru the written Word. Well, there was quite a lively discussion, and I (hating discordance) was very uncomfortable. I stared holes in the desk--don't think I ever looked up once during that discussion. Scary!!! E and I were talking about it on the way home and he said "It would be easier to just agree that the Spirit only works thru the Word". I must commend him for his boldness--and ask God's forgiveness for my own timidity.

We had a fellowship dinner after church. LOTS of good food. If there's one thing Church of Christ people do well--it's having fellowship dinners!!! There is a story about a grade school class where the teacher asked the students to bring something that represented the religion. One girl brought her rosary. Another girl brought her first communion dress. A boy brought his choir robe. But one little girl brought a casserole dish. She was the one from the Church of Christ! Heeeeehee! We were in charge today. Everybody helps set up because everybody is hungry!! But when it's time for cleanup, whoosh, everybody is out the door! Well, ok, there was a bridal shower after the dinner today, so most everybody was involved in that. I FORGOT about the shower. RATS. I'll have to take a gift later.

I cleaned this afternoon. My sister and her husband and son are coming on the 22nd. And then 3 of my sister's friends are coming on the 23rd and all of us ladies are going to go antiqueing! Thus, the urgent cleaning. I'm going to Emporia tomorrow and the next day to help with Jayme's girls while she gets ready for VBS. She might just have to return the favor the next week to help me get ready for company!! :)

Tonight E and I watched a movie on TV and I finally put away Easter decorations during the commercials.

E has promised me a massage, but I better go or he will be asleep!!


jayme said... see...I loved this blog. :) I am interested in your daily life. I spent like an hour on the phone with you and I didn't get to hear some of that stuff. And you think your life is dull. :)

Lets see...
I cannot believe that the church members actually came out and said that about the Holy Spirit. No wonder its a dying church. Jesus promised he would leave us a friend...and that he lives within us...
...he was not talking about the Word. Grrrrrrr. This is the stuff that makes we want to leave the Church of Christ sometimes. I BELIEVE THE SPIRIT IS ALIVE AND A GUIDING FORCE IN MY LIFE. I BELIEVE THAT HE PROTECTS MY FAMILY AND CAUSES ME TO GROW. I CLAIM HIS POWER IN MY PRAYERS AND IN MY OWN SPIRIT. I admit I have major holes in my theology when it comes to the Spirit because I am church of Christ and we don't talk about it...but I don't believe the Word and the Spirit are the same thing. Thats just stupid. He is a gift giver. The Bible is not. When WILL you be leaving?

And I am wise because I had a good teacher. :)

Emporia finally quit having dinners every week. We take the summer off. This is good. :)

Who had a bridal shower?

It's funny to see you write RATS. I can hear you say that in my head. :)

EASTER DECORATIONS? It is JUNE! :) Really are gonna have to chill on the decorating...or you will have July 4th stuff out at Christmas. :)
I am teasing. I love you.

Addy is excited for you to come and visit tomorrow. :)
Love ya love ya

Neal W. said...

Seriously...before the CoC ever gets its pneumatology worked out...we're gonna have to learn to write our own name. We are the Church of Christ. Big "C" on both words. Writing "church of Christ" is just part of the rhetoric we use to pretend we aren't denominational and therefore better than everyone else. :-) It's all in the little things...

mh said...

Sounds like "E" would rather be "Biblical" than "Denominational"...I take my hat off to him...!

The church is very uncomfortable with the Holy Spirit...God forbid we use the term "Holy Ghost"...!

Yes, God speaks to us through His Word...but, I am sure you have had the experience of God bringing a single verse to your we acknowledge that to be a part of the ministry of the Holy Spirit???

If not, then, we are actually saying that we, in our own intellect, are reaching into the catacombs we call a brain and snatching the verse out of the air on our own.

Jayme is right, Jesus said He would send us the comforter...and that "He" (the comforter) would teach us all things.

I am comfortable with the ministry of the Holy Spirit. For all churches...He is a troubling, confusing thought that many try to escape or explain away.

His ministry, in many churches, can be best summed up by the words of the crooked politician in the movie "Oh Brother"..."Is you is, or is you of my constituents...!


Joyce said...

I agree absolutely. I know the Holy Spirit is active in my life. I've been in way too many places and situations when those verses have been whispered in my ear!! I just am a wimp when it comes to confronting other people. Guess I'd rather leave them to their own demise and go somewhere where others are willing to allow the Spirit to be active. Cowardly, I know.

MH, thanks for commenting. Hope you're ok. Drop me an e-mail.

Jayleigh said...

Wow I can totally relate to your issue, Joyce! Rob and I are very active in the Methodist Church that I grew up in, but I have never really subscribed to being a Methodist, per se.



Sadly, our beloved pastor is being moved to a different charge and Rob and I are concerned that the "little fire" ignited in our church may not take off.

Pew warmers, indeed! We're the biggest bunch of un-excited, un-moved pew warmers I have ever seen and I feel like I want to break out... but alas, how do you break out without everyone else feeling scandalized?

Anyway, keep blogging, dear. I know I am not a faithful visitor, but I DO catch up on all of your posts.