Monday, June 13, 2005

Lois Lane

I worked at the Gazette today. Ok, so maybe I'm not Lois Lane, but I like it at any rate. I just fill in occasionally now. This started when I worked for 6 weeks while a lady was out on medical leave. I do ad composition and whatever else they ask me to do. Today was a real shocker thought. I hadn't been there for about a month and they have gone to total pagination. We used to run everything thru the waxer and physically put the pages together. But while I was gone, they entered into a new era!! So while I remembered most of what I knew before, there was still a lot of new stuff to learn today! I enjoy the people there, and find the work fun, so it was a good morning. I just worked until about 1:00.

AFter I got off work, I dashed home, had a bite of lunch with E, and threw a few things in a suitcase. Then I had to have a little nap. I knew I would fall asleep on the way to Jayme's if I didn't. My RLS has been bad again lately and I was up until almost 2 this morning and then up at 6 to get to work. After napping for 30 minutes (when my timer went off I tried to answer the phone!!!), I loaded my stuff in the van and then made E and I an fruit smoothy. I made one for us last night to--fresh strawberries from our neighbors, a dead banana (over ripe), and mixed berry yogurt, pineapple sherbet, and some crushed ice. Boy are they yummy.

Then it was off to Emporia to be with Jayme, Neal, Addy & Ellie! We've had so much rain that the flint hills were really lush and green. Several of the rivers around home and Emporia are out of their banks.

Got to Jayme's house around 3:30. Its always fun to be greeted by the grandkids!!

We made a marathon trip to Wal-mart (I'm sure Neal thinks that's the only kind I make...hmmmm....I suppose he might be right, too). Came home, unloaded everything and went to eat at Carlos O'Kelly's. Then I kept the kids while Jayme and Neal went to the building to work on VBS stuff. Sweet babies.

It's really hard to type right now because I am twitching so bad from the RLS, so think I will close for now and try to be more clever tomorrow.

Grace and Peace to all.


jayme said...

Alright Lois...when you meet Superman...I wannna meet him. Especially if he is being played by Tom Welling at that moment. :)

Corry said...

I like your blog:-)

Sorry about your RLS. I can relate.
Ever tried pothasium? That might help. I know it does me

God's Grace.