Sunday, June 12, 2005


My daughter, Jayme, and I used to communicate by letters a lot when she was in high school. It sometimes seemed in those "tough years" we communicated better that way--maybe we were able to say more of what we meant than we could face to face. I ran across one today when I was de-cluttering a storage room (which still has a long way to go!). Jayme was in Drama in high school--so that is the setting for this note.

"Aren't you glad we don't have to audition for heaven? God has given each of us a unique part in this play of life--no one else can fill our role. And you don't have to worry if Summer S. is better than you are. Or Amber. And I don't have to worry if I am as good as Barb. Or Judy S. We are who God created us to be and He is the Great Director. he teaches us how to play our parts the best way that we can. This "play" called life is really only a dress rehersal for eternity. And, if we believe in Him and are obedient, we don't even have to audition for eternity, because Jesus has played His part--and He is the great equalizer. And He wants all of us to be in that Final Play where the curtain never closes."

Funny thing is, I don't remember if I ever gave this to Jayme or not. She'll have to tell us!!


jayme said...

I don't think so...but you know what ... ahahah... I haven't thought about Amber and Summer in a long time. I always thought Summer was the coolest thing ever.

And they got the parts I wanted I'm sure...but hey...thats ok.

I would like to visit with Summer now...being out of high school changed EVERYTHING.

Jayleigh said...

I think it's wonderful that you were able to communicate by letters at that time in Jayme's life. My mom and I had some HUGE disagreements when I was a teen... she hated ROB!! And I made sure that I saw him as often as possible, not so much because I couldn't live without him, but to bug her.

Ohhh if I could do it all over again...

Jayme is a lucky woman to have you for her mama.

Joyce said...

Oh, we had our share of arguments, too! Didn't we Jayme?!?

But we are best friends now. I'm here today at her house taking care of the kids while she works on her *beloved* VBS stuff. ;)

Both babies are sleeping right now, so I have a few minutes of FREE time. Wow! I know whyI only had ONE child!!!!!

Thanks, Jayleigh!