Thursday, January 05, 2006


We’re leaving in the morning for a mission trip to Mexico. For awhile this afternoon, I thought we might NOT be going. We couldn’t find our passports and birth certificates! We had just had them at Thanksgiving when we went on a cruise. We looked everywhere!! In a moment of panic, I called my good friend Trish, to pray that I could find them. They are also going on the trip. She said, “OH! I’m so glad you called—I would have forgotten all about taking ours!” It took another 45 minutes of searching, but I finally found them. In with the ticket packet from the cruise that I had taken downstairs to scrapbook. But now, I think that they were temporarily misplaced for a purpose. God knew Trish needed a reminder. Do you think this is a silly way to look at this?


Corry said...

Everything for a reason! I don't believe in coincidence anymore. I know God has a purpose in this. answer your question: I think it's THE way to look at it:-)

Have a safe and blessed trip!

God's Grace.

David said...

yes silly but no more so than my wanderings - have a goo dtime

Joyce said...

Thanks Corry!! And David!!

Jayleigh said...

Not a bit silly. **hugs** I pray you'll tell us all about it when you get back, dear heart!!