Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Cost

I just returned from taking my 10-year old grandson to see Harry Potter. He had already seen it once but wanted to see it again. I had not seen it and wanted to—and it’s just not Emerson’s kind of movie (no cowboys or horses). So Aaron and I went together. We BOTH loved it.

On the way home, Aaron started talking about how cool the special effects were. He was particularly entranced with the part where the two wands were connected by the brilliant lights. He speculated about how they had done that. He kept talking about special projection. I told him I thought it was probably computer technology. Then he started talking about how much it would have cost to do that. He said, “I bet it cost about a thousand dollars.” Although I didn’t say anything, I smiled to myself—knowing the cost was much higher than that. He just couldn’t get his 10-year old, $2 a week-allowance mind around what the actual cost must have been.

As Aaron rambled on about the movie, a small voice was whispering to me: “That’s exactly how it is with you and understanding how much it cost me to sacrifice my Son for you.” Oh! Although I know I have a much better understanding of His sacrifice than I did 30 years ago, I know my 50-year old, $xxxx.xx a month income mind cannot even begin to grasp the enormity of the sacrifice God made for me. Or the sacrifice Christ made for me. I am truly humbled at the thought of just how little I comprehend the length, the depth, and the breadth of His love.

Help me Father, to know more of what you and your son have given to me. Help me to be a reflection of that sacrificial love to all those with whom I come in contact. I humbly bow before you, and thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you.


Corry said...

What a wonderful post, Joyce.
And I join you in that prayer for myself as well:-)

God's Grace.

Corry said...

Joyce, I am so grateful you want to join:-)
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Then you can send me an e-mail: biblystudy2006@bellsouth.net and I will add you to the list of contributors and the e-mail list.

God's Grace.