Monday, January 02, 2006

Love Notes

Every Sunday morning for the last 9 ½ years, Emerson has written me a love note. I have them all—saved (mostly in chronological order) in a special box. He usually writes them during the sermon (sorry preacher!) on the back of a deposit slip. Sometimes we run out of deposit slips and then he writes them on paper he has cut to that size. If we’re out of town, it might be on a church membership form, or an envelope, or a napkin. But always there is a note. He always tells me how much he loves me. And usually finds creative ways to say it. Like last 4th of July he wrote “I should be setting off firecrackers to celebrate our marriage—I don’t have to though, because when I think of you my heart explodes anyway.” These little love notes have come to mean so much to me—when he occasionally forgets, he either remembers or I remind him and he writes it later. It is a wonderful constant reminder of his love to me. And that is so important since I have experienced 2 bad marriages previously. He is a jewel. I’ll be keeping him!

Just wanted to share this blessing in my life. Please feel free to use it for someone YOU love.

Peace to you in Believing in Him.

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Corry said...

That is so sweet:-)

God's Grace.