Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Watch Dog

Greetins from sunny warm Mexico!! We work hard, we play hard. Today it was pulling electric wire thru conduits and then shoveling sand all afternoon for making concrete. Oooooh, am I ever stiff and sore. But what fun it is!! I know that sounds crazy, but we have a lot of fun working down here. Yesterday, as I was cleaning rocks and old pieces of cement out of a corner, I unearthed a tiny, dirty, plastic, dalmation dog. He has become my watch dog. Yesterday, he watched my water bottle. Then we put him in a place where we hoped he wouldn´t be stolen overnight, took a scrap of paper and labeled him "Watch Dog". He watched over the work sight all night! HOORAY!!!! He was still there when we got back this morning. Today he watched over the scaffolding, and over us as we did the concrete work. Once again, we left him to watch over the worksite. I hope he is still there tomorrow.

We have an even better One who watches over us. For which I am very grateful. So far, no work casualties. And no wrecks! If you`ve ever driven in Mexico (or other foreign countries) you probably know the importance of that!

Stay tuned for more news later!

May God continue to grant you His greatest blessings, and may you find all kinds of peace in believing!


Seeker said...

"Oooooh, am I ever stiff and sore."

It sounds like a whole lot of fun! Well, you go, girl, and hang in there. You can recuperate later, when you get back home.
May God watch over all of you.

Corry said...

Your body may be stiff and sore but that will be over shortly but the fulfillment in your heart will last forever!

May God watch over y'all.

God's Grace.

Nunzia said...

Sunny AND Warm... i hope you know how lucky you are :)

God bless you!

Kitty Cheng said...

Wow how I wanna visit Mexico! Sounds like you're having loads of fun. Good for you.

Jayleigh said...

It was such a blessing to get a comment from you while you were out of the country!

I saw Mexico on my stat counter and thought I had gained a new reader... but I was even more excited to know it was you!


I can't wait to read more!