Saturday, May 31, 2008


True confessions.

I am a frog lover. I have a lovely peaceful garden in front of our house. It has a small garden pond in it. Lots of shade plants--because it is totally in the shade. A swing, where I love to sit and read, eat, doze, and dream. And, oh, maybe 35 frogs of various shapes and sizes, colors, and materials. Each one a treasure. Some are life-like--others very whimsical.

But today I was looking out the BACK door--at our swimming pool--still covered, because *sigh* I guess we're not opening it this year. And there on the edge of the cover sat a frog. Quite peaceful. Usually, they startle easily. This one didn't. I went and got my camera. Went our the door. And still he stayed there--not moving. I took a picture. Crept closer. He stayed. I clicked. Crept closer. He stayed. I clicked. And once more!! I couldn't believe it! Even the cat walked between me and the frog.

That little frog brought a message. Fully Relying On God. I'd heard it before. But it was a message I needed to hear again. He never did move. I finally took my camera and these wonderful pictures and came back inside. And now, tonight, as I write this, I can hear him out in the water on top of the pool cover. Singing his sweet message to me again.
God is good. All the time. And all the time, God is good.
Fully Rely On God.

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Christine Crocker said...

dear Joyce,

your frog seems very comfortable in his little resting place there.

Thank you for coming for a visit to my blog and for such lovely compliments,too. That was so kind of you.

have a wonderful day,