Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Napping and Bed Bouncing

I spent the day at Jayme's house today, helping her with Addy and Ellie. Both of the girls have ear infections. Although I went intending to bless them by helping (which I hope I did), I was the one truly blessed. I love snuggling with my grandbabies, and today was a great day for that. Even the 3 year old let me hold her for a little while before she continued with her usual perpetual motion. But the one year old. That was a different story. Jayme had put her down for a nap and then left for the dentist. She slept for about 45 minutes. Addy and I were watching "Beauty and the Beast", and she (Addy) fell asleep on the couch. Ellie woke up crying, so I went upstairs and picked her up and carried her downstairs. I whispered to her as we went down the stairs, that her sister was asleep on the couch and so we needed to be very quiet. Now I don't know if those words were the cause of what took place, but Ellie seemed very content to just sit on my lap with her bear.

Sidebar: I had brought both of the girls new very soft teddy bears. I told them they were "Feel Better Bears"--when they snuggle up with them, the bears will help them feel better. I had done this for Jayme when she was little, and she loved that bear for many years!!!

Back to my previous story: Ellie let me rock her and she sat quietly. I could tell she was still very sleepy, and eventually she laid her head down on my chest and went back to sleep. I snoozed as well. Every once in a while, she would wiggle, look at her bear, grin, look at me and lay her head back down and sleep some more. This went on for about an hour and a half. That's the best nap time I've had in weeks. Time wise for sure, but to have this little one sleep cradled in my arms with her downy head on my breast--now that's bliss.

Later after supper, Ellie felt really hot again, so we gave her a cool bath. When she was done, her mother wrapped her in a "duck" towel (oh, what a cutie!) and handed her to me. I diapered her, and then rubbed lotion over her little arms and legs, and put her jammies on her. Such a sweet, sweet smell, and such soft, soft skin. Mmmmmm, I just drink it in! Then it was play time. Her big sister, Addy, was on the bed with us. Now, their parents allow them to jump on the bed (which we don't allow at our house--but in watching these two joyously bouncing around one has to think about that rule). So Addy and little Ellie were jumping around and giggling and laughing and falling over, and being tickled by Nana and Momma, and just having the time of their lives. There's just something so very precious about such innocent play and laughter. And so I was blessed. And it was hard to leave them to come home!


Corry said...

Sorry to hear they are sick and I pray they will be better soon.

I am sure you were as much of a blessing to them as they were to you:-)

God's Grace.

jayme said...

aw...well I'm so glad that you came!

Yeah...I was NEVER allowed to jump on the bed when I was little. That didn't stop me from trying when I thought no one was looking.

Its so much fun...and they are only little once...and I don't think a 3 year old can really hurt our bed. We'll rethink the rule when they are 10. :) They have so much fun...I can't help it!

Seeker said...

Being Gramma is the BEST!! I enjoy every minute I'm with the little ones.