Tuesday, January 17, 2006


We have a friend named Bob, who went on the Mexico trip with us. He is a wonderful Christian man, who loves and serves God with all his heart. But he also has a wonderful, quick sense of humor. Here for you to enjoy are some of the things he said while we were in Mexico.

We often call him by fun names: Bob the Builder, Builder Bob, Basher Bob (he was breaking up cement with a pick), Brilliant Bob, etc. Some names that will NEVER fit him are: Bashful Bob, Boring Bob.

Bob: (using pick to break up hard ground) Are we all contemplating why we have a college education?

Bob: (to his wife) You missed a Kodak moment. I stepped backward and fell in the ditch.
Prissy: Are you all right???
Bob: Yes, but not Victor. I landed on him. He was sort of the butt of that.
(Later in the Van)
Bob: Medina (Victor's last name) is Spanish for "soft landing"!
(At lunch)
Bob: I'm very thankful for Victor....but I don't think he shares the feeling!

Emerson to Bob who is in the ditch with a level on the newly laid sewer line: Bob, you've got to be "plumb" crazy to do that!
Bob: Yeah, I know, I'm already half a bubble off!

Joyce: (teasing Bob about his yellow holey hooded sweat shirt) Nice Sweatshirt, Bob.
Bob: It's a family heirloom. Sort of an "off the shoulder look" (big hole in one shoulder).
(Next Day)
Bob: People are accusing me of being a warehouse (where we take donated items) reject.
Bob: I lost my shirt!
Trish: The yellow hoody?!?!!?
Bob: Oh no, I keep that one in the vault.

Bob: (talking to Joyce, both shoveling dirt) We should take home some dirt with us.
(Joyce with quizical look)
Bob: That way whenever we want to worship on foreign soil, we can!

Bob: (standing behind Joyce just after the cement mixer was started--much smoke issuing forth) At least there aren't any mosquitos........or any other life forms.

Bob: (with mischeivious grin, looking through the window--with bars--from outside to Joyce on inside) Have you ever considered what you look like standing there behind bars eating a banana?
(Later after Emerson reads this comment)
Emerson: Bob, just what DID Joyce look like standing there eating a banana?
Bob: Well, I'll leave that to your imagination. But I DID hear that 2 or 3 people fed her peanuts through the window! She was "apeing" the crowd!

(Last morning before going to the worksite--waiting for the elevator to go down to the lobby)
Bob: I feel like I have carpal tunnel all over my body!

(Day of departure)
Bob: Bob the Builder is going back into seclusion until next year.

(At a pitstop on the way home)
Bob: I had a very hard time getting out of the bathroom. The sign said "Employees must wash hands before leaving" and I couldn't find one to do it!

Thank you, Bob, for bringing the comic relief we needed!! We love you!


Corry said...

Too funny, haha.

I guess you know better now then to "ape" the crowd (grin).

God's Grace.

jayme said...

that cracked me up. I love it.

Jayleigh said...

What a fun guy! You were all blessed so much from that trip, weren't you?