Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Lessons From Addy & Ellie's Red House

*You can NEVER stay ahead.
*You can NEVER get ahead.
*You can NEVER stay caught up.
*Sometimes you can ALMOST catch up.
*Laundry increases exponentially while you aren't looking.
*Three year-old girls are beautiful with French Braids.
*Walking in the rain with a giggling three year-old is precious.
*There is nothing sweeter in this world than a baby asleep in your arms.
*EVERYBODY is cranky when NOBODY gets enough sleep.
*Painting your daughter's toenails, or reading books, or playing with the baby is far more important than a neat & tidy house.
(Jayme has learned this better than Nana has. Good Jayme. Bad Nana.)
*Baby "words" are music to the ears.
*Dishwashers are a NECESSITY for young mothers.
*It's a good thing we don't remember teething....
*Biter Biscuits are made to be worn as well as eaten.
*Halloween songs that are passed down from previous generations still bring smiles to little faces. (Thanks Mom)
*Thirty minutes can either be brutally brief or agonizingly long.
*There is a lot to be said for ranch style houses.
*Baby Einstein movies are worth whatever it is you have to pay for them.

And there are a multitude of other things which I have learned or been reminded of. But I'm too worn out to remember what they are.

Hats off to Jayme and every other mother who does this everyday for many, many, many days.

"I will lift up my eyes to the mountains (of laundry), from whence shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord who made heave and earth (and washing machines)."


Neal W. said...

Now she nows why sometimes you can't walk through some of my rooms...and shy I always groan when she says, "Why don't you come up for the weekend???" (packing, laundry, unpacking...)

You are awesome mom. My family would NOT have survived this past week without you. This next one...remains to be seen.


jayme said...

knows...and why