Monday, August 29, 2005


This was the title on the screen for yesterday's sermon! Even though it misspelled (you know, ReJoyce!), I said to Emerson, "This is MY sermon!" And it was truly wonderful. The preacher talked about how we are to rejoice (do you know it's hard for me to spell it that way--it always looks wrong) in the Lord and that we should be letting that show in our worship services.

He even had us practice!!!! He would say, "Jesus is Lord!" and we would say "YES!".

Preacher: He died to save us from our sins!
Us: YES!

Preacher: He is risen from the dead!
Us: YES!

Preacher: He is coming again!

Preacher: Jesus loves me!
Us: YES!

And then he read one of the psalms (I forget now which one) and he would read the regular verses and when it came to "Prasie the Lord", we (with great gusto) would say that part. It was sooooo uplifting. Now mind you, none of this is "normal" Sunday worship in the Church of Christ. We usually just sit and listen (and *sigh* sometimes fall asleep--I hate it when I do that). But not this time!!! It was sooooo good!!

Then toward the end of his sermon, he had us all stand up and say the doxology--you know--Praise God from whom all blessings flow..." He had us say it, even shout it, as loud as we could.

Now this is the first time I can remember seeing the elder standing up front at the invitation, grinning. What a time of worship it was!! I hope this is something that we continue to do. So far, we have not been sorry at all that we started going to this congregation. We just miss friends. But many of them have called to talk to us, so hopefully we won't lose touch.

Just wanted to share this with you.

"ReJoyce" in the Lord always, and again I say "ReJoyce"!


jayme said...

I'm jealous.

Jayleigh said...

THat is sooooooo cool.

And I adore the blue template. Rock on, Joyce!

Cindy-Lou said...

Wonderful post! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog!