Thursday, June 23, 2005


Today on the radio I listened to the report about the 11 year old boy scout in Utah that had been missing since last Friday. The following quote really struck me:

"People say that the heavens are closed and God no longer answers prayers. We are here to unequivocally tell you that the heavens are not closed, prayers are answered, and children come home," his mother said.

While I am truly rejoicing with this boys parents, I pause to wonder what the parents of the girl misssing in Aruba are thinking when they hear such statements. I KNOW these people are pleased, and I KNOW they are giving God the glory for the safe return of their son.

Do I believe God answers prayers? OF COURSE I DO!! But what are we saying to the parents of a missing child who didn't come home. "Your faith isn't great enough." or "You didn't pray hard enough." or "You must be living in sin" or "The heavens are closed and God doesn't answer prayer."

We need to be learning that God DOES INDEED answer prayer. Always. All the time. And with our best interest at heart!! Do we always understand the answer? No. Do we agree with the answer? No. Do we continue to beg and plead? OF COURSE WE DO!! Because we know that GOD IS FAITHFUL. Even when the answer is "NO".

Please don't misunderstand me. I am DELIGHTED for that family. I just want to be mature enough in my faith, to still believe God hears and the heavens are ALWAYS open, even when He says "NO!"

Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief!!

May God richly bless you and Jesus give you all kinds of peace in believing!!


Jayleigh said...

Amen! Thanks Joyce for addressing this.

Corry said...

We know He hears, we don't understand sometimes why His answer is "no". Someday it will all be revealed to us.

God's Grace.