Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Real Tooth and nothing but the Tooth

I'm afraid I must confess to being just a tiny bit onery. I had to go to the dentist today to have a crown put on. I had already had the prep work done and was wearing a temporary crown. All they had to do today was remove the temporary and replace it with the permanent (and very expensive) crown.

As the dentist walked in, he asked (as he always does), "Well, how are you getting along? I replied (with straight face) "Well, I got along really well with this temporary. It only came off once and I just stuck it back on with Super Glue." I watched the dentist and his assistance exchange one horrified look!! "Just kidding" says I. Big collective sigh of relief. I grin.

Now was it just my imagination or did I hear him laughing while I was paying my bill?!?


Jayleigh said...

You're sooooo cute, Joyce!!! ;-)

Corry said...

That was funny!

haha, I have to have my tooth capped soon. I think I will borrow that joke from you to see the dentist reaction:-)I am not looking forward to the prep work though, yuk.

God's Grace.

Nan said...

A friend of mine was out with her husband and another couple for dinner when she noticed her cap was missing. She called her dentist from the restaurant to ask what she should do. He told her not to worry about it; she'd probably find it in the stool.

So, she whent back to the table and told everybody to get up and look for it because the dentist said it would probably be in the stool. I guess he didn't know they were in a booth.