Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Nana Work

After some encouraging words from family and friends, I have decided that right now my "calling" is just to be Nana/Grandma and just me!! So here are a few "happenings" from my "calling":

Yesterday, we celebrated Addy's third birthday. What do you get when you cross a just-turned-three-year old and dinosaurs?? A Dinosaur bithday party!!!! Cousins Aaron and Daniel were here, in addition to Addy and her sister Ellie. Addy and Daniel helped mix the colors into the frosting for our dinosaur cake! Daniel was especially helpful--he was very good at his "licking" job!! Jayme and I baked the cakes at about 9:00 a.m. We put the finishing touches on them about 6:00 p.m. Now, I'm not saying that we spent that ENTIRE time decorating them, but it did take a lot of hours!! Especially with all the kiddos around! And I guess there was the 2 hour block of time I spent in the dentist chair (I'm sure they wondered why I had a purple tongue [purple icing, of course]), and the 2 hours Jayme and Neal were gone with Aaron, Daniel and Addy to the movies.

Not only did we make 2 dinosaur cakes, but we also fixed a meal for 11 people--bar-b-que chicken, deviled eggs, creamed corn, and homemade ice cream. Daughter-in-law, Donna, brought 2 salads.

Jayme decorated the table, complete with dinosaur tablecloth, dinosaur napkins, dinosaur plates, dinosaur cups and dinosaur decorations. It was VERY VERY cute!

About mid-day I started stressing about getting everything done. But then I decided that if being Nana was my calling, my Father certainly wouldn't wat me to be stressing about everything and not having a good time--and maybe keeping others from having fun, too! So, I DECIDED that I would NOT stress. I managed to do a pretty good job of it too. Stressing over these kind of things is a bad habit for me, so this was an excellent day!! Thank you, God!!!

So maybe now I truly can....
ReJoyce in Living!

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