Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Daniel and Addy love to swing.

Our neighbors next door had a wonderful swing set they wanted to sell.

We bought it. But we were a little slow in getting it moved.

Grandpa (Emerson) took Addy and Daniel next door to go swing since we hadn't gotten it moved yet. He discussed with them how they should never go next door (in the country, next door is QUITE a ways!) without an adult.

But the temptation was tooooooo great. Daniel (almost 5) wandered over in the afternoon. MaryLou (our next door neighbor) called and asked if we knew Daniel was over swinging. We thought he was downstairs with his brother and Addy. Grandpa went to get him. And sternly lectured him all the way home and then made him sit in a chair until he told him he could get down. (After about 10 minutes he was fast asleep!)

Next is was Addy (almost 3). MaryLou said Addy told her she was looking for her cousins (hoping they were swinging???). When we missed Addy, of course all sorts of terrible things go through your head--we have several bodies of water on our place. So we were outside calling her name....and here came MaryLou carrying her back home.

The swingset was moved the next day. :o)

Swinging, in and of itself, is not bad. Neither are many of the things that tempt us in this old world. But they draw us away from home. It is so easy to become distracted and pulled away. Even though some things we are pulled away by are not evil, we tend to leave God out. Unlike us (we didn't know where Addy & Daniel were), God always knows where we are. But like us, He is always thrilled when we return home, when we remember Him, when we engage Him in conversation.

Next time I sit down to swing in our porch swing, I think I'll have a conversation with Him!!

Grace to you and all kinds of peace in believing!

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mh said...

Oh Wow...bet that made for some scary moments.

Y'all will enjoy the swing...I have to join Sam several times a day now in ours...

We tend to spend a lot of quality time...just a swingin'...!

Be Blessed,