Monday, May 23, 2005


Sure signs of summertime: (These are a few of my favorite things--especially the first two--ok, well, maybe all of them!!)

Frogs singing in the evening
Lightning bugs, fireflys
Crickets chirping (only a good thing if they're OUTSIDE!)
Family get-togethers and dinner on the deck
Sweet, sweaty, sandy children
The cover is off the pool
Relaxing in the hot tub after a long day in the garden
Beautiful sunsets
Little blonde heads getting even blonder
Tan lines (ok, right now their sunburn lines)
Thunderstorms (God sits as King above them!)
The smell of fresh-cut grass
Ice water, ice tea, ice lemonade, ice anything!
Green, green, green!
Sweet bird-song in the air (ok, there was that one pesky one that started before daylight)
The gurgling sound of the garden pond
The flicker of goldfish in the water
Rare quiet moments sitting in the shade with Emerson
Goldfinches--back to being gold

I'm so glad God gave us the seasons. Another reminder that life circumstances will eventually turn in season as well. But there is always one constant, never changing, never failing thing--God is faithful!!

I think I might just go listen to Vivaldi!


mh said...

Summer has definitely come to Alabama...Sammy and I just got a swing for the front porch...she says she loves our swing...I hope mommy gets to use it some...!

Be Blessed,

Joyce said...

We just put up a swingset for the grandkids. They love it!! We also have a swing on our breezeway, a wonderful place to take a break!!

Jayleigh said...

Oh as soon as I read about Vivaldi, I could "hear" the one with the flutes and piccolos. (sp)

You paint such a glorious picture. I can't wait for those days to get here.