Thursday, May 12, 2005

Just a Simple God Song

Daniel is our 4 year old grandson. I got to sit in on his Bible class tonight since I didn't have any babies in my nursery class. His mom teaches his class this quarter. She began by asking if the kids wanted to sing. The reply was a resounding "YEEESSSSSS!" Donna asked them what they wanted to sing. Logan, the only other child there tonight, replied with the usual "Jesus Loves Me". That's what I expect from most children their age. And we sang it and I love hearing those sweet little voices sing about Jesus.

But then, Donna asked Daniel what song he wanted to sing. "God is Good" was his reply. And Donna said, "I could have guessed." So this was not an unusual request on his part. But it surprised me. It's not a song we often sing at church. His grandpa and I sang it to each other at our wedding 9 years ago, but that was before he was born. So, I'm not sure where he's heard it often enough for it to be his favorite song. We sang:

God is so good.
God is so good.
God is so good, He's so good to me.

He answers prayers.
He answers prayers.
He answers prayers, He's so good to me.

I love Him so.
I love Him so.
I love Him so, He's so good to me.

Just a simple song. Simple enough for a child to love it. But powerful enough for those of us who've been around a little longer to love it as well.

So simple. God is good. All the time. Not just years ago. Not just yesterday. Not just tomorrow. All the time. Always. Everyday. In every way. There is no shadow or turning. He doesn't change or vary. He is good! His mercies are new every morning!! He's so good to me.

He answers prayers. Always. Not always how we want. But He always listens and He always responds. And He does what it best for us. He's so good to me.

I love Him so. He's always good. He answers prayers. He gave himself to die for me. I love Him so. He's so good to me!!

I love it that Daniel loves this song. I'm sure he doesn't realize all the things I do about this song, but that will come in time. And when trouble comes his way, as it surely does to all of us, I hope that little song continues to play in his mind....God is so good....


Jayleigh said...

Wow. I have chills now.

When I was a child, we'd end every single church service with this song. Your explanation was moving as well.

God Bless!

Joyce said...

Hey, that's neat to know! How fun it is to meet "family" this way!

Blessing to you as well!