Friday, May 20, 2005

Heaven in a Hot Dog!

Last night we had a family cookout and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. We always make enough for leftovers, so lunch today was a hot dog. I had a hamburger last night. I decided to make my hot dog Chicago style (my humble apologies to anyone who is from Chicago and has actually EATEN Chicago style dogs--this is just my version). So on my tiny little hot dog bun goes Ketchup, mustard, onion, tomato, dill pickle, and of course, the hot dog (that plumps when you cook it!). Do you know how hard it is to keep all that on the bun while you're eating it?!?!? There's just too much good stuff to keep it all in there. I'm sure that's what heaven is going to be like....just so much good stuff you can't hold it all in there!! I'll take mine with everything, thank you!!


Jayleigh said...


You have not lived unless you've had a Koegel's hot dog! Burned on the grill. Ohhh.

Coming from one who's been to Chicago 30 times for her hubby's medical treatment, here's a recipe for a "Chicago Sausage":

Bun, Sausage (that's what they call a dog), mustard, saur kraut, pickles, tomatoes, hot peppers, relish, onions, mayo..... just about ANYTHING you can imagine, but NOT ketchup. If you put ketchup on your dog, they KNOW you're from out of town and they'll laugh you away from their stand.

:-) Thanks for another great story.

LIAM!! said...

From someone coming upon your blog due to the 'next blog' feature, and actually being from Chicago, I will fill you in to the ingredients that go on a Chicago Style Hot Dog
Grilled Onions (although hotdog vendors often use raw onion)
This crazy neon green pickle relish. It's the weirdest looking stuff ever.
'Sport Pepper' style hot peppers.

Never ketchup. It's cool to put saurkraut on yer hotdog, but that ain't Chicago style.

mh said... I'm hungry...!
Be Blessed,

David said...

a friend of Jayliegh chimes in with:

Bummer, you just let out that heaven is serving hot dogs with everything on them! Now William Jefferson Clinton will be knocking on the door trying to get in.
Peace and Wholeness to you!