Friday, May 20, 2005

Addyism: Happiness is a Very Important Thing!


(Nana using a sunscreen stick on baby sister Ellie)
Addy: "Are you gluing Ellie?"

(Addy spinning around and around on Kitchen bar stool)
Addy: "This is a WONDERFUL way to travel!!"

(Nana playing the piano and singing with Addy--"Just Whistle a Happy Tune". Addy adding her discordant melody on the piano and singing:)
Addy: "Happiness is a very important thing!"

Hmmmm...."Happiness is a very important thing!" That has given me quite a lot to think about. I have learned through various trials and just plain 'ole daily living that our goal should NOT be "happiness". Our goal in life should be to honor and praise the One who made us. But I also know that Jesus loved the little children--He loved the way they thought, the things they said, and what they did. So, I try very hard to observe these little ones around me and try to learn their child-like ways. So when Addy was singing "Happiness is a very important thing", it really made me think. Now, just what makes a 2-almost-3 year old happy?

* Relationship! Having those she loves with her. The whole piano playing episode was a result of her melt-down when her parents left to go to the movie. So I scooped her up and said let's go play the piano. Sob, sob. We walk to the piano. Nana: "Wanna play and sing?" Sniffle, sniffle. Addy nods her head. So I clear off the piano book. Tears have ceased like a water faucet has been turned off. We play and sing and BOTH of us are happy.

* Security! Addy knows Nana loves her. Addy knows her parents love her, and that even if they go away for a little while, they will come back. (Hmmmm.....didn't Jesus have something to say that sounded a lot like that?) As long as she is with people she loves, even when someone goes away, she is secure enough in their love to trust they will come back.

* A full tummy! It doesn't usually take much! A sippy cup full of milk will ususally do the trick! An occasional piece of ham or cheese and a few M's never hurt anything either.

* A place to sleep! Now when a 2-almost-3 year old asks, "Nana, can you put me to bed now?", you know life is good!! I need to learn this lesson from her. When you're tired, you go to bed. With me it's always, I'll do this "one more thing" before I go to bed!

These are just my observations of what makes Addy happy. Simple things. Things that are good with God. Now, what is on my "list" of things that make me happy? I'm embarrassed to say it isn't all that simple. I think I'll have to do some paring of my "list". And I'm sure that when I have been able to accomplish that, God will be pleased.

Now I haven't really ASKED Addy what makes her happy. I'll have to do that. It will be interesting to see what she says! I'll keep you posted.

May you have Peace in Believing!!

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mh said...

Isn't it neat to watch how quickly a child can go from very sad to happy. The whole process takes minutes. There is so much to be learned from children.

Be Blessed,