Monday, June 21, 2010

The Net

We are back at our cabin in Colorado where time slows down and I process things differently than in our fast-paced Kansas world. So here are thoughts and musings from yesterday.

One small creature. One big lesson.

Tidbit alerted us to a small chipmunk who had trapped himself in our fishing net. While we were gone to town, he had apparently managed to tangle himself in the net under our deck. He had dragged it quite a distance for such a little guy. He had been so frantic that the cords were tightly would around his neck. It's a wonder he hadn't already lost the battle. But he is a little fighter. He had chewed several holes in the net, trying to free himself.

I untwisted the net...but the cords were still tight around his neck. He struggled and tried to run away, dragging the net with him. I wish I had gotten a picture of him, but I was more interested in setting him free. I went and got the scissors and carefully snipped the cords from around his neck.
Now....I thought he would stop and look up at me adoringly...thanking me for saving his life. Nope. He was off like a flash, zipping back under the deck without a backward glance.
As I pondered over this later, I thought about just how much like that little chipmunk I am. In my world a lot of things entice me. Sometimes I get caught up, ensnared, just like that little guy. The cords of sin get wrapped around my neck. I struggle against them. I valiantly try to free myself. I even chew at the cords. I drag it around, and the cords wrap more tightly around my neck. I can scarcely breathe.
It is Jesus who carefully, lovingly snips the cord around my neck. And off I go, usually without a backward glance. But I'm saying "Thank you. Thank you, Jesus, for saving my life, my soul."
And while it didn't cost me a thing to set that little guy free, it cost Jesus His very life. His life for mine. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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David Edward said...

that is such a beautiful and powerful picture, i hope it appears in a book some day for many to share.
Thank God that Jesus came along as you did, at just the right time and freed us ( me) form the snare of our own silly and senseless wanderings. Praise him