Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photo Collage

This is a photo collage that I put together in the last two days. I copied the photo from a friend in Colorado. The little boy pictured is her dad. I was captivated by the photo and knew immediately that I wanted to do something with it. A year later, I finally figured it out. I first printed a copy of the photo which was very light. Then I printed a transparency of the same photo.

Using watercolor pencils, I colored in the copy and used a blender pen to smooth the color. I layered the transparency over the colored in copy and was really pleased with the depth this process brought to the photo.

I framed the layered photo with paper and then pieces of wood that I had inked with green ink. My friends dad was a weatherman, so I printed the weathervane on a piece of river birch bark. I added pine needles and feathers tied with the "Remember" ribbon. A glasine envelope was added at the bottom with various ephemera on which my friend can write memories of her dad.

In the lower left corner is a transparency with "time" on it, an old clock, and the definition of time. Old trading stamps and the 1931 (date of the picture) were added. I used beads strung on a pine needle for her dad's name. A strip of wood was added top and bottom for stability. The branch at the top was collected on the road near our place (and also my friend's place) in Colorado. A small piece of quartz, a key charm and a clock charm finish out the piece on the bottom.

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Corry said...

You are so creative! It is gorgeous.


God's Grace.