Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The (Thankful) View from Here

I am thankful God delights in expectancy and not in fulfilled expectations.

I am grateful that truth of His love is so much greater than the lies of the Deceiver.

I am overwhelmed, awed, and amazed that His Spirit is willing to dwell in me.

I am thankful that he never, ever, ever gives up on me.

I am thankful that I have experienced His love through other people...like my mother.

I'm thankful that there is still beauty to be found in this ole' world (I took all the flower pictures in my gardens this morning).

I'm grateful for things that make me smile...like 7 year old girls who asked their grandmother, "Am I a 'young adult'?"

I'm grateful for little girlies who like cold icy-pops on a hot summer afternoo (she really was eating one!).

I'm grateful for one last summer with the pool.

I'm thankful that I'm not a military wife who has to move many, many times....and thankful to those who are and are willing to do that.


Jayme said...

Can I just say that my kids are CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We forgot to take pictures in the garden!!!!!!!!!!! ACKKKKKKKKKKK!

curious servant said...

Great prayer.

Seems to me that is how David always ended his psalms.

Jayleigh said...

Wow I haven't been here in WAY TOO LONG!

I am very happy to read in Jayme's blog about how much fun you all had. And your pictures... are fantastic!

Running out the door for church, but I will catch up later.


Jayleigh said...

How's the move going? I sure miss hearing from you!

I love these photos and as always, your words of wisdom.

And every day, 10 times a day, when I pass by the beautiful artwork you blessed me with, I think of how wonderful you are, how talented, and how blessed.

And sometimes I even remember to pray for you! ;-)


Jayleigh said...

Still checking in on you. Are you moved yet? Are you settled in?

Jayleigh said...

Miss ya!

David said...

god bless you