Thursday, June 05, 2008

Table That Discussion!!

Just thought I'd let you in on the project I've been working on for the last couple of days. My DH and I, and this time, my daughter and SIL, purchase the contents of storage units that the owners have been deliquent on paying fees. A couple of months ago we bid on and purchased 5 units. Then we sort, clean, wash, price all the items and have a huge garage sale (which is next weekend). The fun part is keeping what you want--my daughter may say I've kept far more than my fair share!! I purchased a stamping magazine sometime back in '06 because I loved the altered table on the front cover. I bought some paper that I really liked to make a similar one....and in the storage unit was the PERFECT table!!!! So I snuck it in the house (DH says if somethings comes in--something else has to go out!). Of course I had to take it back out to the shop and take it apart and sand it--and so I got caught.

DH: What are you doing with THAT???

me: Ummmmm.....a project.

DH: What KIND of project??

me: Uhhhh...I'm painting/papering/and stamping this table (this was said very fast all in one breath)

DH: And then what are you going to do with it?

me: Ahhhhmmmmm....I'll find a home for it?

This morning, after I had finished it, I left it out for him to see--he usually is pretty complimentary of my work....and I LOVE that.

me: See my table?

DH: Hey! Wow! That's really neat!

me: Yeah, I really like the way it turned out!

DH: much are you going to SELL it for??
me: *sigh*

But all the same--I'm NOT going to sell it. At least not right now. I like it too much!! In fact, I have another little table......

So any way....I hope you enjoy the pictures of said table!


Chelf said...

I like the table. What is going out for the table to stay?

You are certainly very creative. Do you clean houses too? I could seriously use some help. :-) My craft corner is now a cluttered room. I need to install my own 1 in 1 out rule.

Joyce said...


So far, nothing!!!
And no, no, NO...this rule does NOT apply to craft items!!\

If you could see MY craft space (which is virtually 1/2 my basement) you'd think I needed professional help...and wonder how in the world I ever created anything out of such chaos. I recently purchased (at a garage sale of course) a metal & ceramic plaque that says "I have signlehandedly fought my way into this mess!"

Thanks for visiting. Come back often. I'd love to get to know you better!!

I've been looking for new posts on your blog....

Chelf said...

So have I... I had a laptop collapse, but that will be fixed soon.

I am building the next post in the Vacation Chronicles now, hoping that I can put pictures with it. I should probably say something....

Jayleigh said...

Joyce, you are so talented and creative. I am amazed each time I see a new piece of your work. I love this little table!

Great job!