Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lost My Head!

Well...I think I've lost my head--or at least I'm too tired to find it!! This is a pretty good depiction of how I'm feeling right now!

We've been half-heartedly house hunting since last November or so. But since it is time for our pool to be open (and DH HATES HATES HATES the pool), we have been whole-heartedly hunting! We were nearly ready to make an offer on one that we had looked in several times. But then our realtor told us about one that had just come on the market. We looked at it once and were ready to make an offer. We really like it. So our own house will be listed Monday. So here are the top ten reasons why I'm going CRAZY and feel like my head has fallen off:

1. I am an artist.
2. Artists (especially mixed-media artists) have LOTS of stuff.
3. The realtor said, "Put it all away"! **OH MY!!!**
4. Artists (especially mixed-media artists) have LOTS of stuff.
5. The house is being listed on Monday.
6. Artists (especially mixed-media artists) have LOTS of stuff.
7. The realtor said we might have lookers as soon as Monday evening.
8. Artists (especially mixed-media artists) have LOTS of stuff.
9. Our new house will be quite a bit smaller.
10. Artists (especially mixed-media artists) have LOTS of stuff.

Going from well-lived in house to a show ready house is exhausting. I am exhauted. I can hardly stay awak at the computer. So that's all for now. More later.


Sally said...

What a job! So, what will you do with all the stuff in the new house? =)

Chelf said...

Oh, Wow. Lots of cleaning and storing to do in such a short time. Are you going to have a whole room for your crafts in the new house?

Joyce said... looks like there will be another BIG garage sale soon--only this time it won't be from Storage Units!

And the answer to the "whole room" question, Chelf, sort of remains to be seen how that works out.
There is a nice big room downstairs--but not as much storage it will still be my work space, but also a nice area for sitting and watching tv or the fireplace. So I *might* have to keep it cleaner. But my computer will also be down there, which I love 'cause now I go up and down the stairs to use the computer, back down to create, up to use the computer...etc., etc. Now it will all be in one place. And, it may just be that it will be clean when I know company is coming!!! *grin*