Friday, February 10, 2006

Which Road Are You Taking?

Have you ever opened a box of nightcrawlers? The worms are all twisted together--wiggling every which way. And you can't really tell the difference between the beginning of one and the end of another.

Have you ever driven under one of those huge clover leaf highway interchanges? With roads going every direction and you can't really figure out which one goes where?

Have you ever thought about how alike the two things are? That occured to me today as we drove under a massive cloverleaf. Wow. You really have to be paying attention to make sure you get on the right road--and that you're going the right direction!! Sometimes it can be really confusing. Especially in Texas--they are the WORST about marking their roads!

And then I thought about how many choices we have in our lives. Shall I take this road, or this one? Where does this road lead? Will this one get me there any faster? And each life road has a different destination.

In all the roads of life that we have to choose from, there is one particular road. We are told that it is a wide road, and easy to travel on. And that lots of people travel on it. But the destination is destruction.

And then there is another road. One less traveled on. And we are told it is narrow. And oft times it has many potholes and "s" curves--sometimes gravel, sometimes dirt; and sometimes we find ourselves going the wrong way. But God always allows U-turns. And if we persevere to the end, the view will be incredible.

And by the way--there is a Road Map!


Corry said...

I know exactly what you mean:-) I should be using that road map more often.

I love your posts. You always use such great every day examples to get to the spiritual.

God's Grace.

Lazy Daisy said...

Finally something to read! Excellent post, again keep doing what you do best....seeing God in the ordinary! It's such a special gift. You express yourself well, the examples are well thought out and the conclusion brought out of life experience. You go girl!

Carol said...

I'm so thankful for that Road Map!