Sunday, July 10, 2005

Just "Poolin" Around

Just a couple of notes first:

1). For those of you who work full-time and still blog regularly....WoW! I am impressed--how do you find the time???? I've been doing some "fill-in" work for people on vacation, etc., at a couple of the local newspapers--usually just mornings--and I do well to read blogs, let alone write them!! So to my regular readers....sorry I've been so sporadic in blogging...and to my regular readees....thanks for all you entries. I love reading what you write!!

2.) The title of this entry is dedicated to my husband, Emerson--this is his kind of humor!!

Now, for the real post. Just a little humor! :)

Jayme and I were in the pool playing volleyball with a beach ball. No net. Just hitting it back and forth. Sometimes it went into the deep end. And one of us had to go get it.

Jayme: "We need somebody really tall to play the deep end. Hey, Goliath, over here!!!"

Jayme (reading a CAUTION on the beach ball): "ONLY to be used in water in which the user is withing its depth. WHAAATT? Oh, Made in China."

Neal joins us in the pool. The beach ball is a big yellow with a big smiley face on it.

Neal (missing the beach ball): "I lost the big yellow ball in another big yellow ball." Translation: "The sun was in my eyes."

And Ellie! Ellie is just too cute. She loved the Happy Ball! The first picture is such fun...the second picture is to prove SHE thinks its fun too!


Jayleigh said...

Your family is so precious! And that Ellie girl is a sweetie!

Joyce said...

Yes, she is! And I'm not a BIT biased! ;>)